Electronic Locks

Commercial Electronic Access Doors are extremely important to the safety of any property. Protect your business property with the services of one of the leading locksmith and security experts in the Big Horn County area. Being the only dealer in the area able to make restricted keyways, Double R Locks & Door Hardware understands the importance of security. Restricted keyways offer a sense of security for business owners because it limits the ability to make a copy of the key. Double R Locks & Door Hardware are experts at identifying potential problems and offer a variety of lock options to safeguard commercial buildings, restricted areas, specific offices, and doors. All our locksmith vehicles in Big Horn County are equipped with the latest technology and operated by licensed and insured professionals. Double R Locks & Door Hardware in Big Horn County has the equipment and experience to replace, install and repair master key systems, high-security doors, electronic access control and door closers for commercial properties.
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